Jeremy believes open, honest, and transparent communication is a vital part of leading, and realizes that the first step in that process often begins with listening. He pledges to make city finance information accessible online to let residents know how the city is budgeting and spending taxpayer dollars. A Blake administration will not be a government for the chosen few, but rather one that considers and addresses the concerns of all residents.

Our Newark

Jobs: Employment opportunities remain a vital component of a city’s health. By spearheading efforts to re-develop brownfields within the city limits, strengthen community partnerships, and maintain a strong relationship with the city’s Community Improvement Corporation, Jeremy will work hard to spark job growth and livable wages. Healthcare, technology, and manufacturing are areas of strength for us to improve.

Transit: Identifying and funding effective public transportation is necessary. Many Newark residents do not own cars, and they need an efficient, cost-effective way to get to work, school, medical appointments, local stores, and businesses. Additionally, public transit is a positive economic development benefit. As Mayor, Jeremy will advocate for public transit in our community at the county level, the Statehouse, and to Congress.


Poverty: Jeremy promises that as Mayor of Our Newark, he will work to lead and unify community efforts to provide jobs, transportation, and safe, affordable housing. Working to reduce the poverty rate in our city is vitally important.


Homelessness: Strengthening and supporting the coalition of agencies that provides shelter is required to improve the health and safety of our city’s most vulnerable residents. Jeremy believes in a housing-first philosophy for veterans, youth, and pregnant women. Additionally, the homeless population can be best served with increased outreach to inform them of available community services.

Our Neighborhoods

Public Safety: Jeremy acknowledges the need to increase permanent full time staffing levels in the police and fire departments and would encourage City Council to find and earmark funds to accomplish that goal.


Landlord Accountability: Landlords must be held accountable for providing safe housing for their tenants. Every family deserves a safe place.


Property Maintenance: Loosened enforcement has meant stagnant home prices, more nuisance properties, and less accountability for landlords. As Mayor, Jeremy would work to reverse these trends.


Neighborhood Policing: A return to this practice, working with Block Watch groups, can make our neighborhoods safer.

Our Streets

Paving: Every ward in the city has deteriorating streets that are plagued with cracks and potholes. The current administration has allowed our neighborhood streets to deteriorate while their attention is focused downtown.


Bicycle safety: Lacking an effective public transit system, many residents use bicycles to get to and from work and schools, too often leading to collisions and tragedy. Educating the public on safety awareness and marking more bike lanes can help prevent injury and save lives.


Scheduled Road Maintenance: Communicating with residents about planned roadwork in their neighborhood can help answer questions, ease worries, and prevent headaches caused by last-minute delays and detours.  A purposeful focus on neighborhood streets will improve our infrastructure.


Improving Constituent Services: A new Our Newark website and app would combine existing online pothole reporting with a convenient way to report property maintenance issues, trash complaints, suspected drug houses, animal control issues, and any other concern by creating a support ticket and forwarding the concern to the proper city department. Technology can make our city government more efficient and responsive for our residents and working with our libraries can make that technology accessible to all of us.